onsdag 5 september 2012

How to order?

How do I order cd from this 28 physical discs?

It is very easy.

You send an email with your interest to:
Mention your name and address where the album should be sent to.
The following day you will most likely receive a reply in which a bank number, for example,
Paypal is given to you to send the money in to.
Once you have entered the money to the bank number immediately after I've have seen it will I send the package wih the album to you.

Return policy: I can not pay the money back if the album would for example break in the carriage or disappear. That's the risk you have to take as a buyer.

Shipping info: You pay the freight for the letter with the disc or other material to be sent from Sweden to your home. The price is already included in the physical disks.

What do I get and how much does it cost?

Here is the price list depending on what your currency is.

120kr i svenska kronor.

14. euros  

17. US dollars

You receive an exclusive album art immediately sent home to you.
Each disc is printed with a number so you will be able to know that your disc is unique.


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