tisdag 15 maj 2018

1 Review out by Sweden Rock Magazine 5/2018.

Time has passed since Throats Productions released Thursian flame, and still is the dark art of the album spreading its bloody draped essence over this so-called life.

I can proudly inform that the first Review of the album is out by Sweden Rock Magazine 5/2018. The largest Swedish metal magazine with a big tribute to the album and words that will tremble cosmos!

Hailaz the Thursian Rune!


onsdag 11 april 2018

måndag 2 april 2018

1 written reactions, mini review on: Thursian Flame

Now is the 1 small Review out by Reine Noir on # BMSweden
"This album has a certain coldness. It has just the right amounts of aggression and melody and I like the vocals. This album never becomes boring. I hope you will like it, I did! Again, I highly recommend listening to this album. /Reine Noir"